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  1. COVID-19 cuts global maritime trade, transforms industry

    The pandemic has sent shockwaves through global maritime transport and laid the foundations for a transformed industry and associated supply chains. UNCTAD expects a return to growth in 2021. Global maritime trade will plunge by 4.1% in 2020 due to the unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19, UNCTAD estimates in its Review of Maritime Transport 2020, released on 12 November. The report warns that new waves of the pandemic that further disrupt supply chains and economies might cause a steeper decline. The pandemic has sent shockwaves through supply chains, shipping networks and ports, leading to plummeting cargo volumes and foiling growth prospects,

  2. Underwater Force Multipliers

    The increase in Anti-Access/Area Denial strategies brought about by the resurgence of Great Power competition has triggered a race in the development of submarine-launched unmanned platforms. However, despite great technological strides, one key challenge will be the ability to continue developing autonomy capabilities for these systems.