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Singapore's defense minister: What will threaten future generations?


What other global events might test this generation, particularly in the defense and security arena, which would extract a similarly costly toll if we are unprepared? Two come to mind: the U.S.-China strategic competition and climate change. (Read more)

Underwater Force Multipliers


The increase in Anti-Access/Area Denial strategies brought about by the resurgence of Great Power competition has triggered a race in the development of submarine-launched unmanned platforms. However, despite great technological strides, one key challenge will be the ability to continue developing autonomy capabilities for these systems. (Read more)

The Changing Face of Naval Simulation & Training


Digitisation has accelerated the growth in virtual training for military forces, including the navy. To enhance force readiness, the virtual training system needs to reflect an environment that is as close to real-life as possible. The question is, how close is close enough? (Read more)