General Information

Show Opening Hours

Exhibition Opening Hours
3 May 2023 (Wed)
8:30 am - 12:00 pm (Access for Exhibitors and Invited Guests only)
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
4 & 5 May 2023 (Thu & Fri)
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Last admission time at 4:30 pm

Health and Safety Requirements

  • All attendees must adhere to the necessary travel requirements as required by the government's prevailing guidelines.

Admission Guidelines

  • Admission to the event is complimentary and open to all registered trade professionals only. Minors aged below 18 years old will not be admitted into the exhibition, even if accompanied by an adult.
  • Passes issued are strictly non-transferrable and need to be worn at all times. Entry into restricted areas is not permitted. As identity checks may be carried out at all security checkpoints, please bring along identification documents such as your passport, NRIC or driving license for verification.
  • Trade visitors are required to dress in business casual. Inappropriate attire such as shorts, t-shirts, singlets, ripped jeans, bermudas, slippers, and beach sandals will not be permitted. Attendees dressed in such a manner will be denied entry.
  • The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry or request any person to leave the event venue without stating a reason. All decisions made by the organiser are final.


Changi Exhibition Centre

9 Aviation Park Road
Singapore 498760

Notice of Filming and Photography

Please note that IMDEX Asia 2023 will be photographed and filmed. By entering the event premises, you provide consent for Experia Events Pte Ltd, its associates and media, to such photography and recordings; and the subsequent release, publication, exhibition or reproduction of your likeness or image for marketing and communications purposes.

For any further enquiries on filming and photography, please write to and provide a reference to where such usage is made so that the necessary actions may be taken.

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Site Map and Floor Plan

IMDEX Asia is held at the purpose-built Changi Exhibition Centre (CEC), located 20 minutes from the Central Business District and 15 minutes from Changi Airport.

For more information on how to get to the exhibition venue, please click here.





Visa Information

Trade visitors attending the event can request a Letter of Introduction for their visa application by writing to us at visa2023[at] with a copy of your confirmation. Please note that you must first complete your registration before requesting for the letter of introduction.

To check if you require a visa to visit Singapore, please visit the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA) website here.

List of Prohibited Items

Please note that you will not be able to bring the following items into the venue:

  1. Air Horns / Noise Makers
  2. Air Pistol / Rifle or parts
  3. Antique Pistol / Gun
  4. Any sharp items that can be used as a weapon
  5. Balloons (Including Helium), balls, inflatable balls, Frisbees or flying disks
  6. Baton / T-baton
  7. Bearing Scraper
  8. Bullet Proof Vest
  9. Canned items
  10. Cross Bow
  11. Drones
  12. Explosive / Blasting Cap / Dynamite / Corrosive Substance
  13. Electronic Cigarettes, Vaporisers or Heat-not-Burn Tobacco products
  14. Fireworks / Crackers
  15. Firearms / Parts of Firearms, including empty magazines
    and spent cartridge (with percussion cap attached) etc.
  16. Handcuff
  17. Industrial Acid
  18. Illegal or illicit substance, drugs or drug paraphernalia
  19. Key Chain (Bullet / Gun / Sword / Knife)
  20. Kite
  21. Kirpan
  22. Knuckle Duster
  23. Laser pens, laser pointers or similar focused light devices
  1. Lighter in Gun, Pistol, Bullet, Grenade Shape
  2. Live Bullet / Blanks
  3. Night Stick
  4. Nunchaku
  5. Parang / Machete
  6. Personal Mobility Devices (Bicycles, Booster Boards, Scooters, Skateboards, Unicycles, etc.)
  7. Poles or totems
  8. Signal Flare and other flammable materials
  9. Spear Gun
  10. Spray Paint
  11. Stun Gun
  12. Tear-Gas Spray / Pepper Spray
  13. Toy Gun which resembles an actual gun
  14. Walking Stick with Dagger
  15. Water Guns & Squirt guns
  16. Wooden/Metal Spear
  17. Any items that may cause injury, public nuisance and/or deemed unsuitable by the Organisers.

The organiser will have the final say on items not listed above. The decision is final and absolute.

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