General Accreditation Principles

Organisers of IMDEX Asia, Experia Events Pte Ltd (“Experia”) consider the Media Pass to be a working tool to be used only by bona fide members of the press. All successfully accredited media personnel will be eligible for a Media Pass.

Below are non-exhaustive examples of persons and organisations who are/are not eligible for accreditation:

  • Editorial departments of news organisations and publications, such as:
    • Editors
    • Journalists (eg reporter, correspondent, photojournalist, video journalist)
    • Broadcast producers and production crews (eg cameraman, soundman)
    • Freelance journalists with official letters of assignment*

  • Social media influencers, bloggers and lifestyle news sites*
  • Non-editorial staff of news organisations and publications
  • Account representatives
  • Authors
  • General managers
  • Industry analysts
  • Marketing, advertising and sales Publishing personnel
  • Public relations and communications teams, writers, photographers and videographers contracted by partners, exhibitors, suppliers and government agencies

*on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Experia

  • Experia reserves the right to determine if persons are eligible and acceptable for accreditation. Criteria to determine suitability include but are not limited to circulation size, format, reach and quality.
  • Media personnel must be at least 18 years old to be admitted into the show during trade days.
  • Experia reserves the right to bar the applicant and their organisation from all future IMDEX Asia editions due to misconduct or misrepresentation of their roles and responsibilities, publication or news organisation.
  • In the event that an applicant is unable to attend IMDEX Asia 2023 after receiving accreditation approval, they are advised to inform Experia as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in the withholding of media privileges for this event and future events.
  • All media must be pre-registered and accredited to attend IMDEX Asia 2023; no walk-ins will be allowed.


Pass Regulations

  • Attendees will not be permitted to apply for and hold more than one type of access pass.
  • The Media Pass is NON-TRANSFERABLE and may only be used by the person whose name appears on the pass.
  • The Media Pass is to be presented upon request to access the Media Centre and use of shuttle bus services between Changi Exhibition Centre and Expo MRT Station.
  • The Media Pass does not automatically guarantee entry to all official events. Media are advised to register to attend key events.
  • Experia reserves the right to modify these policies without prior notice and to revoke previously approved accreditation and previously issued Media Passes at any time.

Media Credentials

Applicants are required to include the relevant set of press credentials below:

Type of Media
Documents required
Editorial departments of news organisations and publications   National Press Card [eg for Singapore-based journalists, Press Accreditation Card issued by Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)]


A letter of assignment on the official letterhead of a media organisation signed by the Publisher/Assignment Editor, Editor-in-chief or Bureau Chief (in PDF format), specifying the name and functional title of the journalist, and stating their role at the event. Unsigned letters will not be accepted.
Bloggers, photography, trade and lifestyle news websites, social media influencers Provision of at least one of the following criteria:·
  • Proof of legitimacy, eg:
    1. belonging to a registered company, such as a media organisation, and have a specific, verifiable, non-web address and telephone number
    2. Previously established for at least six months, regularly updated with independent content relevant to elements of IMDEX Asia
  • Proof of a substantial amount of original and topical news content relevant to elements of IMDEX Asia and/or commentary or analysis on relevant international issues, written by its editorial team, including copies/screenshots of three recently published articles, not more than six months old, with his/her byline
  • Recent data analytics proving reach and quality of content, eg:
    1. Website URL, circulation size, formats/channels, monthly unique readership/viewership, frequency  
    2. No. of followers, proof of active engagement, no. of views, audience profile

Note: Accreditation approval letters can be used as supporting documents for visa applications. Foreign media who need to apply for a visa to visit Singapore should submit their applications for accreditation early to ensure visas can be obtained on time.