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IMDEX Asia cements its role as industry catalyst with its 10th edition

18 MAY 2015

IMDEX Asia cements its role as industry catalyst with its 10th edition

SINGAPORE, 18 May 2015 – IMDEX Asia, Asia Pacific’s premier international maritime defence show, kicks off its 10th edition on a high note. The event will see the participation of more than 180 participating companies and the attendance of close to 70 VIP delegations from some 40 countries comprising Navy Chiefs and Vice Chiefs, Air Force Chief, Commander from HQ Integrated Area Defence System (IADS), Directors-General of Coast Guards and heads of maritime agencies, as well as a host of representatives from navies and other defence and technology agencies. This year’s IMDEX Asia is set to deliver greater depth and breadth of the industry’s latest insights, trends and technologies to its participants. Taking place from 19 to 21 May 2015 at the Changi Exhibition Centre, the show will comprise an exhibition, a warships and static display and a comprehensive strategic and technical conference programme.

Since its inception, IMDEX Asia has firmly anchored itself as a platform of choice for key stakeholders in the naval and maritime defence industry to drive collaboration and creation of new opportunities. It has facilitated the evolution of technological trends, sparked conversations and played an important and impactful role as a catalyst in propelling growth in the industry.

Thriving Maritime Defence Market in Asia Pacific

According to AMI International, countries in the Asia Pacific region are expected to spend around US$200 billion on new ships and submarines by 2031. This is in-line with their economic growth and their procurement programmes to better equip their forces. Technological advancement is a key factor in driving defence spending in the region as military forces modernise their aging assets and replace obsolete technology. High on the procurement lists are ships, naval craft, radar systems along with submarines and naval defence systems.

Creating Large-Scale Industry Impact

In tandem with the growing Asia Pacific defence market, there are over 180 exhibiting companies from 28 countries, with 67 per cent of them returning from previous editions, as well as a cross-section of new exhibitors joining the show. This underscores IMDEX Asia’s heritage and reputation in the industry, as we mark our 10th edition.

Many of the innovations featured reflect key trends and developments in the industry, such as the increased modernisation of navy fleets in Asia Pacific. Key areas of technological advancement include unmanned systems, underwater technology, and vessels suited for littoral waters, among others.

Making its debut at IMDEX Asia 2015 is the India Pavilion organised by the Defence Exhibition Organisation, Ministry of Defence, India. The Indian Government’s participation, alongside country groups from France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Singapore, UK and the U.S. reinforces the importance of IMDEX Asia as a vital platform that countries can leverage to present their latest technological advancements.

IMDEX Asia: The Largest Gathering of High-level Delegations from around the World

IMDEX Asia has a proven track record in consistently attracting the largest gathering of high-level delegations comprising Navy Chiefs, defence officials, senior government representatives, industry players and academia from the region and beyond.

This year, Navy Chiefs and Vice Chiefs from 23 countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brunei, Cambodia, Djibouti, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Tonga, UAE, Uruguay and the U.S, as well as the Philippines Air Force Chief have confirmed their participation at IMDEX Asia 2015. The Commanders of HQ IADS, the Hong Kong Marine Police, the Indian Coast Guard, the Indonesia Maritime Security Coordinating Board, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Vietnam Maritime Police are also attending the show. In addition, 22 Navies and Coast Guards from China, France, India, Italy, Oman and Oman Coast Guard, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippine Coast Guard, Qatar and Qatar Coast Guard, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, UK, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Vietnam, and the Indonesian Airforce and Royal Malaysian Air Force are sending representatives to the event. A Stellar Line-up of Warships on Display

Participants can also look forward to a stellar line-up of 20 warships from 12 countries at the Warships Display. They are from Australia (HMAS Perth), Bangladesh (BNS Dhaleshwari), Brunei (KDB Daruttaqwa ), China (CNS Yulin), India (INS Satpura and INS Kamorta), Indonesia (KRI John Lie and KRI Tombak), Malaysia (KD Lekir), Singapore (Republic of Singapore Navy – RSS Endeavour, RSS Intrepid, MV Swift Rescue; Singapore Police Coast Guard – Mako Shark), South Korea (ROKS Incheon), Sri Lanka (SLNS Sayura), Thailand (HTMS Krabi and P.G.M. 113) and the U.S. (USS Fort Worth, USS Mustin and USS Pasadena).

Comprehensive Strategic and Technical Conference Programme to Drive Critical Dialogues

IMDEX Asia 2015 will once again feature a series of strategic and technical conferences. They enable participants to keep abreast of the latest developments in the naval and maritime security industry and address challenges facing its future.

  • The International Maritime Security Conference (IMSC) with the theme ‘Safe and Secure Seas: Strengthening Maritime Cooperation”. The conference emphasises the need to embrace a cooperative security approach to ensure the safety, security, and success of the international maritime system.

  • The International Naval Engineering Conference (INEC@IMDEX Asia) themed ‘Adapt and Transform – Flexible Capability in an Uncertain Environment’ will cover technological developments and advancements in the areas of – multiplying effect, flexible platforms, underwater technology and effective support solutions.

  • For the first time, the 15th Asia Pacific Submarine Conference (APSC) will be held in conjunction with IMDEX Asia. APSC 2015 brings together regional submarine operating navies and organisations with an interest in submarine safety to discuss issues such as submarine survivability, escape and interoperability of rescue assets.

“We are immensely proud of what IMDEX Asia has achieved today. With 10 editions under its belt, the event has grown in stature and has cemented its reputation as a must-attend event in the global calendar of the maritime defence industry,” said Mr Leck Chet Lam, Managing Director, Experia Events. “IMDEX Asia 2015 promises to chart new frontiers with continued strong international participation from navies and maritime agencies raising the eminence and quality of dialogues at the key strategic conferences and adding depth to the experience of all participants. I want to thank our partners, delegates, exhibitors and trade visitors for their tremendous support, which has been instrumental in building the reputation of IMDEX Asia. The team has worked extremely hard behind the scenes to make IMDEX Asia 2015 a success and we are already looking forward to IMDEX Asia 2017 as we celebrate this 10th edition. We wish everyone an enriching time at IMDEX Asia 2015.”

IMDEX Asia is organised by Experia Events with the support of the Republic of Singapore Navy, the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, the ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre and the Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau.