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VESSELS | 22 October 2020

Submarine combat system market sees steady growth

According to a recent study from Global Market Insights, the submarine combat system market is set to grow from its current market value of more than US$4 billion to over US$8 billion by 2026 as a result of ongoing technological advancements and rising demand for modern submarines.

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SAFETY & SECURITY | 07 September 2020

COVID-19 accelerates maritime insecurity

COVID-19 is showing the world how a health crisis can exert disproportionate pressure on existing social and political fissures. The Asia Pacific maritime environment is no exception, with hybrid challenges persisting and non-conventional incidents on the rise. As state budgets adjust to accommodate the health crisis, non-state actors are escalating violence on land that is spilling over into the maritime domain.

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SAFETY & SECURITY | 06 August 2020

Japan’s White Paper highlights regional threats and planned procurements

The Defense of Japan White Paper outlined Japan’s defence procurement targets, with cyber and electronic warfare prominently highlighted. These include the research and development of standoff electronic warfare aircraft as well as electromagnetic jamming-resistant platforms such as the Lockheed Martin F-35A/B aircraft.

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