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SAFETY & SECURITY | 06 May 2020

Fincantieri’s FREMM Wins US Navy FFG(X) Frigate Competition

Fincantieri was awarded a $795 mil US Navy contract for detailed design and construction of the first ship at its Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin.

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SAFETY & SECURITY | 09 September 2019

What’s in the First Spain Warship Voyage to the Philippines?  

A closer look at the significance of the first such goodwill visit of its kind since the colonial era relationship between the two sides.

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SAFETY & SECURITY | 23 August 2019

Photos Reveal Progress on China’s Largest Amphibious Assault Ship

Recent photos reveal the construction of China’s largest amphibious assault ship is progressing at a shipyard in the metropolis of Shanghai, as the country strives to plug gaps in its military’s amphibious capabilities.

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UNMANNED | 18 August 2019

US Navy Plans Corvette-sized Unmanned Fleet

The US Navy is planning to build a fleet of 10 corvette-sized large unmanned surface vessels (LUSV) within the next five years to assist its main manned fleet by completing ‘dull, dirty, or dangerous’ missions.

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UNMANNED | 30 July 2019

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Looking for Surveillance UAV

The Japanese defence ministry plans to introduce about 20 large, unmanned helicopters to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers and other ships. The helicopter model is expected to be selected in fiscal 2022, with the procurement starting in fiscal 2023.

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SHIPPING | 05 July 2019

Going Dark and Fake Voyages: The Tricks Used to Dodge Trade Sanctions

As the United States looks to enforce sanctions aimed at halting trade with states such as Iran and Venezuela, there's increased scrutiny on the tricks being used to keep commodities flowing to and from blacklisted countries.

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Blockchain Container Completes Maiden Voyage

The Port of Rotterdam has announced that the first paperless and fully door-to-door tracked container, based on blockchain technology, has arrived at the warehouse of Samsung SDS in Tilburg.

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Robotics: The Next Gen in Subsea Vehicles

MUMs (and daughters) of invention: Sea nymphs and MUMs are inspiring a new generation of underwater systems and vehicles. Elaine Maslin takes a look.

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