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SAFETY & SECURITY | 06 August 2020

Japan’s White Paper highlights regional threats and planned procurements

The Defense of Japan White Paper outlined Japan’s defence procurement targets, with cyber and electronic warfare prominently highlighted. These include the research and development of standoff electronic warfare aircraft as well as electromagnetic jamming-resistant platforms such as the Lockheed Martin F-35A/B aircraft.

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SAFETY & SECURITY | 20 July 2020

India accelerates weapons purchases in wake of border clash with China

India has accelerated the domestic and foreign purchase of weapons in the wake of a border clash between Indian and Chinese troops. Twenty-five of these procurement programs are for the Army and the Air Force; 10 are for the Navy.

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SAFETY & SECURITY | 03 July 2020

Australia intends to significantly increase military spending

Australian government plans to invest up to A$183 billion in naval shipbuilding through acquiring or upgrading of up to 23 different classes of Navy and Army maritime vessels from now till 2050s. Approximately A$75 billion will be allocated for maritime capabilities including combat and surveillance.

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SAFETY & SECURITY | 08 June 2020

China's military budget growth slows to 6.6%

China's defence spending this year will rise 6.6 per cent from 2019, according to a report issued at the opening of the country's annual meeting of parliament on Friday (May 22), a slower rate than last year. The figure, set at 1.268 trillion yuan (US$178.16 billion), is closely watched as a barometer of how aggressively the country will beef up its military capabilities.

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Covid-19: Naval dockyard in Mumbai develops UV disinfection facilities

The Indian Navy has said that Mumbai’s naval dockyard manufactured an ultraviolet (UV) sanitisation bay to contain the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The UV bay will support the decontamination of tools, clothes and other miscellaneous items and control further spread of the coronavirus.

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