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AEROMAG ASIA published by Aerosun Media is a prominent Aerospace and Defence Magazine & Official Media Partner for Aero India and Def Expo. It is also publishing the largest Aerospace and Defence Directory. SAILORS & WARRIORS Magazine is another major publication from the Aerosun Media Group. Aeromag is organizing the Aerospace & Defence Manufacturing Show, an yearly event at Bangalore, with the support of Defence Public Sector Companies and Industry organisations.
AIAD Federazione aziende italiane per l'Aerospazio, la Difesa e la Sicurezza
AIAD - Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security - is the national industrial organisation representing high technology companies involved in the design, construction, overhaul and repair of platform, electronics, naval and ground systems and equipment for institutional or similar customers. The Ministry of Defence - National Armaments Directorate is the Italian governmental organisation representing the Italian defence industries at international level.
Alewijnse Marine BV
Alewijnse Marine designs, delivers and integrates electrical and automation systems on board of all kind of vessels all over the world. The employees of Alewijnse work fast, are competent, flexible and the resources are backed up by over a century of experience. The company works on a great number of vessels every year, both in new build and refit. Alewijnse Marine employs over 950 FTE and has a worldwide network of branches, representative offices or strategic alliances to serve you around the globe.
Antipara Exploration Pte. Ltd.
Antipara Exploration is an underwater 3D geospatial mapping and analytics company for maritime and environmental inspection. Machine vision is employed to automatically analyze and provide 3D scan of to determine marine growth, faults and cracks of underwater infrastrutures like ships hauls, jetties and offshore. Our system is non-invasive and reduces human intervention for inspection.
Asian Defence Journal (ADJ) is among the world's leading international magazines specialising in defence and security. Its readership, comprising the top echelon of military and decision-makers from the Asia-Pacific, has confirmed ADJ as the premier defence periodical in the region.

The magazine covers political and security issues, defence technology, industrial and economic matters, as well as interviews with top brass from the armed forces and senior executives of the defence industries.
Asian Military Review
Since 1993, Asian Military Review has become widely recognised as an authoritative provider of unbiased and objective information to its global readership comprising the military, government, industry and academia. The editorial content includes capability analysis, special reports and relevant news coverage from the region, making it the preferred professional journal for of those working in Asian military and defence organisations.
Asian Press Group and Ventura Media Asia Pacific
Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter (APDR) is Australia’s leading and longest running defence publication, now in its 44th year. APDR’s editorial team are true industry experts and under the direction of Kym Bergmann, provide news and authoritative analysis on defence issues and developments throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, please visit us at:

Defence Review Asia (DRA) sister publication to APDR, provides unrivalled reporting and analysis and brings great experience, authority and access to senior policy makers in defence establishments and industries. Read by industry leaders and decision makers. For more information, please visit us at:
Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) - AAIS
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Atlas Elektronik GmbH
ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, a Sound Decision. For decades now, ATLAS, as a leading systems supplier for naval electronics, has been helping navies around the globe make the sea a safer place. ATLAS has a broad offering of sonars and sensors, command and control systems for submarines and surface combatants, mine countermeasures systems, unmanned underwater vehicles, radio and communications equipment, naval weapons as well as coastal protection.
Bosch Rexroth BV
At Rexroth, we move. It's what we do since more than 200 years. And you know... we love that! That's why we will keep on moving offering solutions that are safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful. In order to keep you competitive. And that's a promise!
BrahMos Aerospace
The world's best universal supersonic cruise missile - "BRAHMOS" is a precision strike missile, with a range of 290 km. It can be launched from a variety of platforms in Sea, Sub-sea, Land & Air against different kinds of targets beyond the horizon. It can be operated in a multi-threat environment against modern CIWS & countermeasures. This weapon system is in service with all three arms of the Indian Armed forces and would be exported to a few friendly countries.
Chanakya Aerospace Defence and Maritime Review _ Indian oldest International Defence Review publishing since 1969 is in its 50th Golden Jubilee Year of Publication. Chanakya Aerospace Defence and Maritime Review covers Aerospace Defence Maritime and Naval fields for Navies and Coast Guards, with emphasis on reviewing Naval Platforms Systems and Equipment with Maritime and Naval news and analysis. Chanakya Aerospace Defence and Maritime Review is the most widely circulated publication of its type in India with circulation in 63 Nations.
For over 50 years, CILAS, subsidiary of ArianeGroup, has been developing, producing and marketing laser and optronics for space and defence applications, in France and on the export markets. CILAS main activities include: 1) Helicopter visual landing aid systems to secure approach and landing on naval vessels or platforms in extreme conditions; 2) Target laser designators for laser guided ammunitions; 3) Surveillance and laser optics detection for countersniping, counterintelligence and protection of critical infrastructures. Come and meet us on K13!
Competition Quartermaster LLP
Competition Quartermaster LLP (Singapore) imports, exports and trans-ships in shooting equipment, military accessories and arms. We serve national shooting federations, military and police units as well as licensed private individuals. We participate in government tenders on a local and regional basis and provide equipment that ranges from specialized arms and ammunition, to sights including thermal and night vision, tactical gear and body armour as well as modern restraint technologies. Our newest addition is SEATOOL, a brand that makes protective housings used by ROVs and sub-sea services to house underwater lights and cameras for oil rig security, maritime SAR and pipeline security.
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CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd
CONTROP specializes in the development and production of Innovative ElectroOptical Infrared EOIR Camera Systems for Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Defence and Homeland Security Applications. Main product lines include Intruder Detection Systems for coastal, port, harbour, airport and border surveillance. Stabilized Observation Payloads for day night surveillance on UAVs, SUAVs, aerostats, balloons, helicopters, aircraft, maritime patrol boats and ground vehicles. Thermal Imaging Cameras and more. CONTROP's products are in daily operational use in many of the most critical HLS and defense programs worldwide.
Subsidiaries & Representatives
Curtiss-Wright Indal specializes in helicopter securing and traversing systems, marine hangar doors, sonar handling systems, towed line array handling systems, sonar domes, towed bodies and fairings, and aviation support systems including horizon reference, pilot cues, and helicopter tie down fittings.
Subsidiaries & Representatives
Damen Defence and Security

The Damen portfolio is perfectly suited to current and future maritime security challenges. From fast interceptors and modular auxiliary vessels to the most sophisticated combatants, from highly efficient coastguard boats to state of the art air defence frigates and strategic joint support ships.

Constantly striving to deliver the best, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has designed, built and developed vessels for naval clients all over the world.
Defence21 Magazine
DEFENCE21, the leading defence, security and aerospace magazine in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is a bimonthly magazine (six issues/ year plus special issues/ supplements/ profiles). It is published in Arabic with an English supplement covering mostly main articles and press interviews.
Reference operator of the ministry of the armed forces for the international transfer of the French military know-how to friendly countries armed forces all around the world, DCI group has been operating across all the defence and security spectrum for more than 45 years. Holding the French Armed Forces Training label, DCI is offering tailor-made services in the fields of consulting, training and technical assistance.
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DeRegt Cables
DeRegt delivers the best cable solution for any given situation: from the immersive depths of the Arctic seas to the blue skies of the Far East. We provide future-proof cable solutions based on the specific needs of our clients. Our well-trained people are there to provide bright ideas, great products and excellent service. Quality, craftsmanship and innovation are the three pillars that have made us leaders in the development and manufacture of high-quality cable solutions for the past 90 years.