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Gain valuable insights on the latest developments in maritime security and defence, including cyber security, smart ports, port security, oceanology and undersea technologies at the business forums. This is the premier platform for industry professionals to engage with key international defence buyers, government agencies and industry leaders on opportunities, challenges, solutions and strategies facing the maritime and naval sectors.

Cybersecurity in the Maritime Domain Business Forum
Date: 15 May 2019
Time: 10AM – 12:30PM

Cyber security operations have become an increasing military priority, both in defensive and offensive terms, and this now extends to the operations of global navies. There is a growing recognition that the electromagnetic environment and cyberspace represent operational domains in their own right. Platforms across the air force, army and navies are now integrated with numerous electronic systems and different software to enable data exchange - however this makes them increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attack. In this forum, industry experts will explore how cyber is changing the landscape of the defence sector.

Speakers include:

  • Mark Milford, Vice President, Cyber Security, Wärtsilä Corporation
  • Capt Erik Pittman, J6 Deputy Director, United States Indo-Pacific Command
  • Michael Sela, Navy Commander (Ret), BD & Marketing Manager, Cyber Division, IAI
  • Ken Soh, CIO, BH Global
Innovation in the Maritime Domain Business Forum
Date: 15 May 2019
Time: 2PM – 4:30PM

Modern innovations and technologies have changed the way the world’s navies do business. The use of unmanned platforms equipped with autonomous technologies, AI, machine learning and modern sensors provide detection, persistence and reach capabilities that would have been inconceivable a few decades ago. On the logistics front, a number of navies are moving from a time-based maintenance model to a conditioned-based one, allowing for more flexibility in maintenance logistics planning. In this forum, sector experts will discuss how these innovations might change the game further.

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