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IMDEX Asia is the largest gathering of the maritime defence industry’s key players and decision makers in the Asia Pacific region. Set sail with the global armada of Navy Chiefs, Directors-General, heads of maritime agencies and industry leaders from all around the world, and chart your course to the forefront of the burgeoning Asia Pacific market!

Note: Information is compiled from the IMDEX Asia 2015 Exhibitors Survey

Secure your spot in the world's second largest naval market

According to AMI International, the Asia Pacific region has displayed strong naval market growth in the past decade as compared to Europe and the United States, surpassing Europe as the world's second largest naval market. The region is expected to build around 800 new ships, surface craft and submarines valued at around US$180BN through to 2031.

  • Asia Pacific is the growth leader (outside the United States) for amphibious ships, with 117 new ships and craft expected for the region at a market value of over US$13BN.
  • In the global market for auxiliary and support ships, the Asia Pacific region is expected to spend US$5BN on 31 new hulls from 2013 to 2032, with the bulk of the new spending expected in the next 5 - 10 years.
  • Over the next 2 decades, Asia Pacific is expected to acquire 20% of the worldwide purchase of 2100 corvettes, fast attack craft, offshore patrol vessels, and patrol/special operations craft ranging from 10 to 90 metres in length.
  • Contracts for more than 100 hulls worth almost US$7BN will be awarded over the next 5 years in the Asia Pacific region, a significant opportunity for local and exporting shipyards alike.

The global maritime and border security market is also on track for an expected compound annual growth rate of 6.82%1 between 2014 and 2024 due to the increasing threat of cross border terrorism, maritime crimes, illegal immigration, drug trafficking and border disputes.

As navies, marine police, customs services, ministries of interior and coast guards shore up their defences against maritime threats, the maritime surveillance and detection segment is projected to dominate the market with a majority share of 45.6%1.

In particular, the patrol ship segment is growing rapidly. Demand for the offshore patrol vessel (OPV) is climbing faster than many other naval segments.

Whether in terms of the overall maritime industry or the booming individual segments, the Asia Pacific promises to propel continued industry growth with increased investment and asset acquisition.

1  Based on the "The Global Maritime and Border Security Market 2014 - 2024 " report by Strategic Defence Intelligence.
2  According to "The International Market for Offshore Patrol Vessels" article in European Security & Defence (April 2015).

Connect With Top Influencers

IMDEX Asia is the vital point of access to the burgeoning Asia Pacific's naval and maritime defence market.

  • Meet up with chiefs of navy, senior military officers, defence officials, government representatives and industry leaders from around the world at IMDEX Asia 2015.
  • Over 500 business meetings were fulfilled between IMDEX Asia exhibitors and VIP delegations during the 2015 show.

Market To A Global Audience

  • Showcase your products and services to a high-level international audience.
  • IMDEX Asia 2017 is poised to surpass the record of more than 9,852 trade visitors from 62 countries/regions in 2015.
  • Take advantage of ample networking opportunities between exhibitors, visitors and delegates for insightful exchanges and forging new partnerships.
  • Penetrate the vast naval and maritime defence industry in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Secure your share of this flourishing market now at the upcoming IMDEX Asia 2017, a powerful one-stop platform that connects you to the stakeholders behind the rise in demand within the region.

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