The Warships Display offers a rare opportunity to get first-hand experience of the on-board operations and rub shoulders with senior naval officers from various countries.

The warships on display are berthed at Changi Naval Base and only open to registered visitors and delegates. Guests who are interested in visiting the warships may proceed to the Changi Exhibition Centre shuttle bus waiting area and board the complimentary Warships Visit shuttle bus.

Warships Display Opening Hours
16 May 2017 (Tue) 2:00pm - 4:30pm
17 May 2017 (Wed) 10:00am - 12:30pm
2:00pm - 4:30pm
18 May 2017 (Thu) 10:00am - 12:30pm
Warships Shuttle Services
Date From To Frequency & Time
16 May 2017 (Tue) Changi Exhibition Centre Changi Naval Base First bus: 1:30pm
Last bus: 3:35pm
(15 minutes interval)
17 May 2017 (Wed) Changi Exhibition Centre Changi Naval Base First bus: 9:30am
Last bus: 3:35pm
(15 minutes interval)
18 May 2017 (Thu) Changi Exhibition Centre Changi Naval Base First bus: 9:30am
Last bus: 11:30am
(15 minutes interval)

In 2015, we are honoured to have the participation of 20 warships, vessels and submarine from 13 navies and agency.

Royal Australian Navy
HMAS Perth [FFH 157]
Anzac Class Frigate
Bangladesh Navy
BNS Dhaleshwari [F36]
Castle Class Corvette
HMAS Perth BNS Dhaleshwari
Royal Brunei Navy
KDB Daruttaqwa [09]
Darussalam Class Patrol Vessel
People's Liberation Army Navy
CNS Yulin [FFG-569]
Jiangkai II Class Frigate
KDB Daruttaqwa Jiangkai CNS Yulin
Indian Navy
INS Kamorta [P28]
Kamorta Class Corvette
Indian Navy
INS Satpura [F48]
Shivalik Class Frigate
INS Kamorta Shivalik Class
Indonesian Navy
KRI John Lie [358]
Bung Tomo Class Corvette
Indonesian Navy
KRI Tombak [629]
KCR-60M Class
KRI John Lie KRI Tombak 629
Royal Malaysian Navy
KD Lekir [26]
Kasturi Class Corvette
Republic of Korea Navy
ROKS Incheon [FFX 811]
Incheon Class Frigate
KD Lekir ROKS Incheon
Republic of Singapore Navy
RSS Endeavour
Endurance Class Landing Ship, Tank
Republic of Singapore Navy
RSS Intrepid
Formidable Class Frigate
RSS Endeavour RSS Intrepid
Republic of Singapore Navy
MV Swift Rescue
Submarine Support and Rescue Vessel
Singapore Police Coast Guard
Mako Shark [PH 51]
Shark Class Patrol Craft
MV Swift Rescue Mako Shark
Sri Lanka Navy
SLNS Sayura
Sukanya Class Patrol Vessel
Royal Thai Navy
HTMS Krabi [551]
Offshore Patrol Vessel
SLNS Sayura HTMS Krabi
Royal Thai Navy
PGM. 113
United States Navy
USS Pasadena [SSN-752]
Los Angeles Class Submarine
PGM 113 USS Los Angeles
United States Navy
USS Fort Worth [LCS 3]
Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship
United States Navy
USS Mustin [DDG 89]
Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
USS Fort Worth USS Mustin

The line-up of the participating warships for IMDEX Asia 2017 will be available at a later date. Do check back for more information or sign up to our mailing list here.