Exhibitors' Testimonials

Our Exhibitors Love It!

This is a great networking event. If you want to be seen in the maritime sector, you should be seen at IMDEX Asia.

UK Pavilion, Mr Adam Thomas, UK Spokesperson for Defence & Security, UKTI DSO

We’ve met a lot of customers from Singapore and also delegations from around the region. IMDEX Asia is the only exhibition of the year that we put in all our efforts. We’ve been here for 20 years, and in the next twenty years we’ll still be around. I can assure you.

Thales, Singapore, Mr Jean Noel Stock, CEO/ Country Director

We’ve been here since almost the beginning of IMDEX Asia and we are very proud of being here. The show is very focused and I was not expecting the participation of so many foreign delegations. In other international shows, you don’t see such qualified presence, which is very good from our perspective.

Elettronica S.p.A., Mr Eugenio Santagata, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Our objectives were to show our presence and commitment to the Singapore market and to catch up with customers and users. We realise that we see the procurement staff very regularly but sometimes not so much the users. So it’s good to refresh that networking with the actual users of our systems in the region, particularly here in Singapore.

Rheinmetall Defence, Mr William Lambert, International Key Account Manager, Naval & Maritime Simulation, Maritime and Process Simulation

This is the first time we are participating as a country pavilion because we received very good reviews of the show and the Indian companies are very much interested to take part. The experience has been very good. It is a very well organised show and we have gotten very good response, so we are glad we are here.

India Pavillion, Mr Mayskar Deo Singh, Director

We meet a lot of our customers not only in Singapore but throughout the whole Asia Pacific region. It is well organised and we get to meet with the delegations. We just enjoy being here!

Terma A/S, Mr JØrn Henrik Levy Rasmussen, Vice President

The static display is something very important because users are able to feel, touch and experiment on the products in a controlled environment here instead of just showing videos.

Kairos Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd, Mr Roy Soeigiarto , Executive Director

It is beneficial for us to have a demonstration during the trade show itself as we are able to let our potential customers and industrial partners experience the capabilities of our vehicle through live demonstrations.

ST Kinetics, Mr Chia Teck Huat, Director, Regional Marketing

We have the space in the New-to-Market Zone and it is a good opportunity to promote our company and experience the exhibition for the first time. The location is quite good and we have delegations walking by and looking at our products. We are looking forward to return in 2017, and perhaps we will have a bigger stand then.

RTsys, Mr Christophe Perrier, International Defence Sales Manager

Not only met our objectives we have set out to meet, but also some unexpected results as well. For instance, the marketing in much better than what we anticipated. So we had lots of chances to get exposure through magazines... media, which was unexpected. We did not expect that result.

J+S Limited, Mr Paul Knight, Vice President – Strategic Accounts